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  Monthly sessions delivered straight to your inbox..


Offering the perfect balance of yoga and fitness to help you find your inner peace while also getting a good workout. The monthly subscription package includes three yoga flows, one core fitness, and one meditation session to help you reach your goals.

Providing a unique experience with each and every session that focuses on strength, balance, and flexibility, all designed to be challenging and fun!


Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, my classes are designed to challenge and inspire. Come join us and see what Yoga can do for your wellbeing.

Recorded sessions

Enjoy working out from the comfort of your own home while working at your own pace. Each session there will be a different focus, it may be seasonal, chakra based, heart based, moon and sun based or even sometimes a great combination of all. Tuning into the current energy my focus is delivering what will best serve us all for inner peace, contentment and whole body fitness. 



One to ones are an ideal way of really submerging yourself totally into the power of yoga. I will be tuning into just your energy and together we can work on ways to really get your yoga power flowing.

One to Ones are Ideal for:

For Beginners,

Learning the basics & feel confident with fundamental techniques.

For More experienced people,

Develop pranayama & advanced meditation, extend yourself with more challenging postures.

Ques for mindful practice and better alignment withing postures.

For Less mobile,stiff or recuperating.

Adapted chair practice, gentle movement to bring back flexibility, increased flexibility and vitlality feeling at home in your own body.


Corporate sessions are a great way for companies to invest into increasing the health of their employees, contact for more info. 

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Together we will work through a variety of postures, breath work and moving meditation designed to tune you into your highest frequency. (And generally make you feel brilliant!)


Allow me to be your guide on the journey to blissful stillness! Sometimes its Yoga Nidra, Who am I meditation, Seasonal, Heart focus or something new and different.


Combining a mix of Pilates, Yoga, Callanetics with functional fitness. We will blast the jiggley bits and get Streamlined and Super Toned!

My Core classes will make you stronger within your Yoga Poses, therefor increasing your ability to enjoy your meditation and become your own best self.

Book your monthly sessions by emailing me, you can pay offline by bank transfer or PayPal. I will then send your links to sessions to view through a private You-Tube link.

If you have any issues or queries don't hesitate to get in touch.



By purchasing the sessions you take full responsibility for yourself, I am not observing your technique and therefore not able to instruct you.

Full disclaimer and policies can be found at foot of all pages.

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